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5 Tips For Buying Ski Boots That Fit

5 Tips For Buying Ski Boots That Fit

1. The salesman should look at your feet to determine the shape boot your foot should go into. Each brand has its own unique last, not every brand fits every foot, nor is it intended to.

2. Have your foot measured and sized for a shell.

3. Remember to pull out the standard footbed and insert your custom footbed before trying on the boots. New boots should fit snugly around the entire foot. Very snug. Remember, after a boot is skied in, you'll gain 1/8 to 1/4 of a size as the boot packs in.

4. The boot should reflect your ability with some room for improvement.

5. And you should be able to flex the boot. If you can't flex the boot at room temperature, this doesn't bode well for flexing a boot stiffened by the cold of a normal ski day!

Your boot should feel comfortable and snug. When you flex your knees forward, your heel should stay in the heel pocket. Your toes need wiggle room!! It's all right to feel the front of the boot, as long as your toes pull away a bit from the shell when the boot is buckled and your knees are flexed.

The liners will compress and stretch over time; some minor pressure will disappear by itself. The area from the instep through the top of the ankle should be snug but not cramped or painful. The foot should be held firmly without setting the buckles too tight. The fit should be from the boot itself, not the buckle system.

Even with the best fit boot, some problems need to be corrected by having your boots custom fit. Toe room can be expanded, boot tongues adjusted, and your position in the boot improved by inserting custom insoles to support your foot in a neutral position.

Inner Bootworks is the only boot fitting operation in the area to offer Tekscan Analysis™ a computerized stance and balance alignment analysis system. We fabricate custom insoles by SUPERFEET, DYNAMIC FOOT POSITIONING and CONFORMABLE.

Got uncomfortable feet? Then you need to visit our Masters of the Feet at Inner Bootworks! Contact Benny!

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